INTERIOR HOME DESIGNING IDEAS - You are A Born Interior Designer

By: Ajay Oberoi

INTERIOR HOME DESIGNING IDEAS - You are A Born Interior Designer


Home decorating getting popular and hotter than ever before. This is due in large part because design is no longer the exclusive territory of professional designers. The ever-increasing popularity of DIY design projects helped by plenty of resources offered by home improvement retailers, design magazines, blogs, TV shows and online resources has made home décor accessible to busy families or those on low-budget. With a little patience and a touch of creativity you can make your home look at the latest in home décor. Here are a few points to help you keep your home fashionable.
The Colour Palette: The colour trends for 2016 make use of dark and light neutral colors, soft and pale color tones and rich paint colors or their combinations.  A clever choice may be to use a light neutral colour which offers the advantage of pairing with a wide range of colours to create a successful palette. These neutral tones will match to whatever new colour you may decide to add or replace.
Stay Contemporary: Contemporary furniture with its clean lines, geometric shapes, neutral colours and minimal ornate work can fit all tastes and match surrounding colours. It emphasizes space within a room. Best of all, you won’t need to look for new furniture items when you decide to update your home décor. Contemporary furniture can fit both large and limited budgets.

Emphasize Your Accents: A few quick and inexpensive changes in accents can make a big impact in interior decoration. For example, think of changing knobs in your kitchen and bathroom, updating lamps and pictures or changing the cover of throw pillows. However, keep the number of decorative pieces to minimum so as not to clutter and overwhelm space.

Last But Not Least - Be Fashionable For Yourself: Home is where you spend most of your time and its décor has a lot to do with your attitude. Make it a place where you feel comfortable and fashionable for yourself not for others. Fashion is about following the trends that come and go. Style is about yourself. Be in style even if it means to be a bit out of fashion. Nothing is passé if you really love itRemember, obsession with home décor may reveal some self-image problems.